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No longer just a place for meal preparation, the kitchen has become a setting for personal expression and social engagement. Showcasing trends in pop culture kitchenware, household appliances and modern cooking methods, Trend Hunter’s kitchen category keeps a pulse on all the creative techniques and products serving to make at-home environments more customized.
play_circle_filled Nutrient-Preserving Vacuum Blenders
Nutrient-Preserving Vacuum Blenders
Beko's Vacuum Blender Assures That There is No Air Contact
Beko is a European kitchen appliance company, whose product lines are concerned with facilitating the grounds and providing the resources for a healthy diet and this Vacuum Blender from the brand&#... MORE
Flashlight-Equipped Cup Handles
Flashlight-Equipped Cup Handles
The Nebo Glow Fits Neatly onto Reusable Tumblers
The Nebo Glow tumbler handle is a multifunctional accessory that will help to offer illumination and stability for those performing tasks around the house or while commuting. The handle is equipped... MORE
Produce Purification Appliances
Produce Purification Appliances
The 'Fruit WashingMachine' Uses Water Hydroxl Food Purification
The ‘Fruit WashingMachine’ is a compact kitchen appliance that aims to help inhabitants easily clean and purify their choice of produce to get their fresh fare as clean as possible.... MORE
Hypoallergenic Titanium Flatware
Hypoallergenic Titanium Flatware
The Ensō Essential Cutlery is Antibacterial and Noncorrosive
The Ensō Essential cutlery is a line of ultra-modern flatware that’s designed as a luxury option for consumers that will deliver a lifetime of usage without showing signs of wear. Crafted... MORE
Fully Automated Coffee Makers
Fully Automated Coffee Makers
The 'ROKZU' Automatic Capsule Coffee Maker Creates Ultra-Fast Drinks
The ‘ROKZU’ automatic capsule coffee maker is a design-conscious appliance for the kitchen that will offer users with a way to create premium beverages at the press of a button. The... MORE
Connected Cooking Thermometers
Connected Cooking Thermometers
The Meat It Thermometer Enables Optimized Cook Capabilities
The Meat It Thermometer is a Bluetooth-enabled solution for chefs to use with their favorite cuts of meat to ensure optimized cooking when preparing meals indoors or out. The system comes with a dual-... MORE
Utensil-Equipped Jar Lids
Utensil-Equipped Jar Lids
The 'SPLID' Keeps Ingredients Fresh and Accessible
The ‘SPLID’ has been designed by Paul Mathis for Future Projects Trust as a way to combine two essential kitchen items into one convenient item for intuitive ingredient access. The... MORE
Versatile Toxin-Free Silicone Containers
Versatile Toxin-Free Silicone Containers
The Multi-Purpose BesoVida Boasts a Design-Forward Look
BesoVida is a silicone kitchenware product that’s designed to tackle all sorts of kitchen roles in one adorable package. It’s made from food-grade silicone, which is heat resistant enough to... MORE
Guided Cookware
Appliances integrate technology to assist consumers with recipes
Implications - As consumers continue to become acquainted with connected technologies throughout the home, there has been an increase in kitchen appliances capable of offering a guided cooking experience for consumers along with multi-functional features. These appliances highlight how consumers are open to a guided experience within the home to learn new skills.
Workshop Question — Consider how your brand could offer your customers a guided experience to learn more about how to use your brands’ products or services.
Communal Countertop Cooking Stations
Communal Countertop Cooking Stations
The Conceptual 'COCOOK' Encourages Collaboration
The conceptual ‘COCOOK’ cooking station has been designed by Junku Jung as a way to help make food preparation more communal by allowing multiple chefs to get in on the action.... MORE
Food Waste-Reducing Fridges
Food Waste-Reducing Fridges
The Bosch Fresh by Design Collection Promotes Freshness & Fights Odors
The Bosch Fresh by Design collection introduces consumers to the FarmFresh System, which is designed to keep food fresh for up to three times longer than usual, all the while helping to reduce food... MORE
Retro Breakfast Kitchen Appliances
Retro Breakfast Kitchen Appliances
Beko's Cosmopolis Range Merges Style, Function & Chic Nostalgia
As nostalgia has proven to be a driving force for consumer purchasing decisions, Beko embraces it with its affordable and functional Cosmopolis collection — a range of breakfast kitchen appliances... MORE
Two-in-One Coffee Machines
Two-in-One Coffee Machines
The K-Duo Coffee Makers Use Both Single-Serve Pods & Coffee Grounds
The newly launched K-Duo portfolio of coffee makers introduces new countertop machines that are capable of preparing coffee from either grounds or single-serve K-Cup pods. The two-in-one coffee... MORE
Manually Powered Kitchen Mixers
Manually Powered Kitchen Mixers
The 'Pino' Mixer by Manuel Immler is Sustainable and Chic
The ‘Pino’ mixer is the design work of Manuel Immler as part of a masters project that highlights a sustainable and chicly designed product for the kitchen. The human-powered appliance... MORE
Top 40 Kitchen Ideas in September
Top 40 Kitchen Ideas in September
From Stoneware French Presses to Modular Fruits Organizers
From stoneware French presses to sunset-stained to-go cups, the September 2019 kitchen trends reveal that consumers are equally concerned about aesthetics as they are about functionality—even when... MORE
Pumpkin-Shaped Waffle Makers
Pumpkin-Shaped Waffle Makers
The Dash Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker is Great for Halloween Breakfasts
Instead of pulling on a thick sweater to venture out for autumnal treats, enjoy a festive fall breakfast at home with the help of the Dash Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker. With this seasonal appliance,... MORE
Machine-Wrought Iron Skillets
Machine-Wrought Iron Skillets
The JB Prince x SOLIDteknics Professional Iron Skillet is Advanced
Cast-iron skillets are favored for their durability and heat consistency but are notorious for being quite heavy, so the JB Prince x SOLIDteknics Professional Iron Skillet has been created as a next-... MORE
Recycled Prison Iron Pots
Recycled Prison Iron Pots
The Combekk De Librije Dutch Oven is Limited to 500 Pieces
The Combekk De Librije Dutch oven is a high-quality cooking vessel for those looking for an effective way to prepare an array of premium recipes from the comfort of home. Developed in... MORE
play_circle_filled Ultra-Absorbent Plush Towels
Ultra-Absorbent Plush Towels
The Fluv Towels Were Designed To be Ultra-Absorbent and Soft
The Fluv towels combine form and function to give users ultra-absorbency without compromising style or texture. These luxurious towels are made from 100 percent, OKOE-TEX certified organic cotton... MORE
Tent-Inspired Serving Dishes
Tent-Inspired Serving Dishes
The 'Tipi' Snack Dish Incorporates Foods into an Outdoor Scene
The ‘Tipi’ snack dish is a playful food serving solution that offers space for edibles and additional accessories in a charming, efficient manner. Designed by OTOTO and Lilach Eytan, the... MORE
Direct-to-Consumer Titanium Cookware
Direct-to-Consumer Titanium Cookware
The Boyou Nature Series Pots are Pro-Grade
The Boyou Nature Series cookware has been created as a direct-to-consumer line of kitchen equipment that will offer avid chefs with a way to elevate their favorite recipes. The cookware features a... MORE
play_circle_filled Wireless Kitchen Concepts
Wireless Kitchen Concepts
The Ki Cordless Kitchen Creates an Intuitive and Clean Experience
As it stands, cooking in the average household’s kitchen doesn’t happen without appliances that are attached to cords but the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is offering a vision for the... MORE
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in August
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in August
From All-in-One Meal Prep Stations to Durable One-Person Coolers
From campfire cooker to travel-friendly coolers, the August 2019 kitchen trends reveal a great deal of innovation when it comes to outdoor cooking tools. While cooking outdoors used to mean... MORE
Illuminating Vegetable Drawers
Illuminating Vegetable Drawers
HarvestFresh Mimics Sunlight to Keep Produce Fresh for Longer
With red, blue and green light, HarvestFresh by Beko mimics the 24-hour sun cycle and natural sunlight, as well as times of darkness, to create a natural environment that keeps fruits and vegetables... MORE
Keg Tap-Integrated Coolers
Keg Tap-Integrated Coolers
Igloo's 'Kegmate' Cooler Has a Built-in Tap for Draft on Demand
With tailgating season about to kickoff, Igloo’s has debuted a new party-ready cooler called the Kegmate. Igloo’s Kegmate is a 54-quart cooler that comes with a very unique feature. In... MORE