- Jan 12, 2018
With smart homes technology becoming more and more common beyond the confines of Silicon Valley, it should comes as no surprise that smart small appliances have made their way into the kitchen as well. Whether through the use of IoT connectivity or through other aspects of technological design, these smart small appliances show that consumers are looking for intelligence on kitchen jobs both broad and specific.

Some appliances strive to carry out as many kitchen tasks as possible. The All-Clad Prep & Cook, for example, can chop, stir, mix, knead, cook, and even slow-cook thanks to a modular layout and an elaborately programmed range of settings available through its graphical interface.

Others aim to carry out a single job with as much convenience and efficiency as possible. Yomee is an on-demand yogurt-maker that works like a Keurig machine to craft yogurt from scratch overnight. It's also connected to an app to let consumers keep track of the progress.

From Dual-Functioning Kitchen Tools to On-Demand Yogurt Makers: