The Jolt Coffee Brewer is a French Press a Kettle and a Thermos

 - Jun 27, 2017
References: indiegogo & producthunt
Grabbing a cup of coffee doesn't always fit into consumers' hectic schedules, which is why the jolt coffee brewer was introduced to bring more convenience and portability to one's morning routine.

Marketed as the world's most convenient portable coffee maker, Jolt, is capable of brewing coffee or tea in the palm of your hand. The innovative design sits somewhere between a french press, a water heating kettle and a thermos, allowing users to brew and enjoy a cup of coffee on their commute, or at their office desk. To use the device, fill it with water of any temperature. When you're ready for your caffeine fix, press the centered button, and position the brewing pod inside.

This product is the perfect accessory to any busy day, ensuring one can have a cup of Joe, even on the go.