- Feb 10, 2018
For an overall and consistent healthy lifestyle, hydration-tracking equipment and water bottle innovations are essential. Adventures and exercise can be highly distracting activities, while family time and work have a tendency to get hectic. When people adjust to the challenges of their daily routines, it is often the case they forget one of the most important pillars of physical and mental sustainability -- consumption of water.

The hydration-focused snowboard jacket by 686 and water-compatible trail backpacks make it convenient for sport enthusiasts to maintain water levels. For the less active consumer, there is an abundance of hydration-tracking devices that do not sacrifice high performance. While the QUARTZ water bottle is a self-cleaning system that utilizes ultra-violet rays to purify drinking water, the hydration-tracking containers and wearables discretely remind you when its time to fill the tank.

From Fashionable Water Carriers to Hydration-Tracking Wearables: