United Caps and Wattwilller Collaborated on an Ergonomic Cap

 - Oct 23, 2017
References: beveragedaily
Bottled water is a popular product, but the very nature of the container makes it difficult for some consumers to drink — fortunately, packaging firm United Caps' and Belgian water company Wattwilller have worked together to make bottled water more accessible. The new closure for bottled water is shaped like a flower, making it far easier to grip the bottle caps and thus open and close them.

People with limited dexterity, such as seniors or those suffering from arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome, might have trouble with the daily tasks that others take for granted. For those people, something as routine as opening and closing a water bottle can be a major challenge. United Caps' flower-inspired design increased the surface area of the cap and provides notches for gripping, increasing ease of access.