From Location-Tracking Child Wearables to Food-Preserving Pet Bowls

 - Jan 27, 2018
From location-tracking child wearables to food-preserving pet bowls, the top 2017 gadget trends include a vast array of products that are changing the everyday lives of consumers.

On the one hand, some of the top 2017 gadgets are cutting-edge products that can help consumers lives safer and healthier lives. One example is the Jiobit Bluetooth GPS Tracker, which helps parents keep an eye on their children. Another example is Lifetone's new baby monitor, which warns parents if their baby experiences an irregular heart beat.

Of course, not all of the latest gadgets are meant to improve our health and safety. Indeed, some gadgets merely help to make certain daily chores less arduous. For instance, the Mario Feeder is an automatic pet bowl that eliminates the need to constantly put out new food for your pet.