Ori Smart Systems is a Robotic Modular Room Designed for Small Spaces

 - Jun 1, 2017
References: orisystems & digitaltrends
Ori Smart Systems is a mechanical room, that shifts with the press of a button, creating space where you need it most. With rising rent and an increasing population, living in compact spaces is becoming more common than ever before. The new smart room system aims to combat this by providing a system that's as diverse and flexible as its users.

The system combines robotics and architecture to help people make the most of their compact living situations. The Ori systems have a multitude of modes -- the bed mode extends your bed, allowing it to take up most of the room. If you're entertaining, or need space for movement, you can activate its lounge mode, which will neatly tuck your bed away.

The modes for the Ori Smart System are controllable from an app on your phone, or from a physical interface that can be placed on your desk -- making your room both modular and functional.