- May 25, 2018
This selection of modular furniture designs is sure to delight consumers with incredible functionality and smart design. The pieces are created to be multi-functional with strong adaptive capabilities. Made to be exceptionally instrumental with an agreeable aesthetic, the modular furniture designs have the potential to open up spaces, be cost-effective and dictate pleasant dynamics between family members and/or roommates.

For example, the LEGO-made modular furniture from Studio NINE offers an opportunity for children to take part in the curation of their home's interior space. The compartmentalized communal fridge design by Ellie Zeng, on the other hand, makes it easy for roommates to set boundaries in terms of food consumption.

Finally, there are those modular furniture designs that can embody a few purposes in the home. For instance, Font's rug offerings are puzzle-like and can be transformed into chairs.

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