Ryan Talyor's Brass Rail Shelving is Designed for Object/Interface

 - Jan 4, 2017
References: objectinterface & design-milk
Designer Ryan Taylor's 'Brass Rail Shelving' system solve the biggest problem that plagues most shelving units. The simple and attracting shelving system is modular, meaning that consumers will always be able to formulate their shelving in exactly the right layout for their things.

Most shelving units are static, so an item that's too big to place on them will have to be kept somewhere else. Further, if a consumer runs out of space on most shelves, that's the end of the story. With Ryan Taylor's Brass Rail Shelving, consumers can constantly reorganize their shelves and the things on them without having to worry.

The brass mounts that make up Brass Rail Shelving are full of holes spaced a few inches from one another, and consumers can place the wooden slats on pegs in these holes as they see fit.