From Floating Cloud Lamps to Mirrored Library Tunnels

 - Aug 29, 2017
These examples of optical illusion decor range from floating cloud lamps to 3D floor tiles which boast a perception-altering pattern. Adding a surreal element to any home, public space, or office, optical illusion decor is often interchangeable, and customizable -- boasting more than one unexpected function.

Memorable spaces that feature this aesthetic include Ferruccio Laviani 'reality or illusion' art installation which combines colorful geometric walls with clashing floor and ceiling motifs. The busy pattern tests a user's perception, and is a study of proportion and scale. Additionally, examples like Chinese bookstore Yangzhou Zhongshuge utilize mirrors to not only maximize a space but also to create sculptural elements that are whimsical and otherworldly.

Other examples to note include design-conscious tech accessories like levitating speaker systems which combine function and aesthetics in one versatile product.