This Surrealist Dining Room Set Features Floating Balloons Underneath

 - Jan 16, 2016
References: fancy & fancy
Designer Christopher Duffy created a rather surrealist dining room set that creatively plays with optical illusions and concept of space. The UP Balloon Table features a series of suspended silver and golden balloons hiding underneath a glass surface, making it look as though the table is stopping the balloons from floating away.

The UP Balloon Table is an intricate optical illusion design that makes it look as though the table is holding down levitating helium balloons. In fact, the balloons are made from metal resin and steel rods that act as the legs for the glass table surface carefully holding it up. As guests sit around the piece, they can look through the table and see the line up of golden and silver balloons underneath.

The table would be a great statement piece to add to any home with its illusory design.