From Holiday-Themed Bottles to Participatory Posters

 - Jan 29, 2017
To ensure that their names stick with consumers, brands often resort to unconventional techniques, which these 2016 interactive trends demonstrate.

Featured in these 2016 interactive trends are beer-branded massages that were a part of Chang Beer's promotional campaign in Thailand and Leesa's mattress gallery that functioned as a promotional retail space for the online-based brand. Dairy Milk's Medley Lounge was a memorable event as well, as chocolate lovers were given the chance to indulge in the sweet treat while receiving a range of relaxing beauty treatments.

The Beauty Unbound Festival took interactivity to the next level, inviting attendees to participate in tutorials that showcased some of the latest innovative products for men and women alike. By hosting events such as these, a brand associates its name with a positive experience, which often proves more profitable than traditional advertising.

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