McSnaps Were Special Geofilters Accessible Only at McDonald's Stores

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: money.cnn
One of the first native paid advertisers on the Snapchat platform, McDonald's rolled out location-based McSnaps geofilters at US locations as part of its 2015 summer marketing campaign, "Lovin' Summer Fun." The interactive mobile experience can be accessed when users are within the "geofence," which means that only guests inside the store can access the branded Snapchat filters.

The McSnaps geofilters include playful images of a cheeseburger and well as animations that pay tribute to the iconic Happy Meal.

Above all else, native geofilters provide brands with organic user-generated advertising that has the power to reach an almost unlimited audience. Given the need for the McDonald's brand to connect with the key Millennial demographic, the move to include in-store filters is an important way for them to encourage their peers to do that for them.