From Teen Influencer Communities to Collaborative Video Apps

 - May 5, 2016
These examples of Gen Z content creation range from creative photo and video editing tools to webseries and webisodes that are hosted by young social media influencers. When examining the top-selling mobile apps on the market, standouts include collaborative video platforms and slimmed down social sites that allow for minimalist profile curation.

When looking at actual tween and teen programming, standouts include blogger-hosted talk shows and viral style clips. While social media success is a matter of luck to some members of Gen Z, examples like the Awesomeness TV Network aim to support young content creators who are serious about making their past-time into a full-time and lucrative career.

Other Gen Z content creation examples include categorized social media apps for teens and fan-created TV branding like MTV's user-generated visual identity -- featured on the media brand's website and in its televised ads.