This App Allows Users to Leave Photos for Others to Find

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: graffitapp & betalist
'Graffit' is a new app that allows users to leave photos for others to find and enjoy. Street art can be an extremely powerful medium because it has the ability to impact a wide and diverse audience. This app takes the power of street art and reimagines it for the digital age.

Graffit is a community drawing app that allows users to create original artwork for others to find. To use the app users simply take a photo, draw on the image and then leave it at a designated location for others to find. The pictures can be opened by anyone, but they only remain visible for a limited period of time. The app is similar to Snapchat, except the artwork is accessible to everyone instead of a curated list of contacts. For those who leave photos on a regular basis, the app will provide advanced features such as new colors and filters.

The app provides a unique platform for creating digital graffiti and sharing it with the wider community.