From Color-Filtered GIF Apps to Relaxing Selfie-Coloring Apps

 - Nov 26, 2015
These expressive art apps include a range of innovative art-based applications -- from relaxing coloring apps to applications with an illuminating flashlight feature. Whether a professional or amateur artist, these mobile-friendly features will appeal to your inner creative.

While the act of coloring has been proven to relieve stress and promote creativity, the practice is made digital-friendly with such applications like the 'Chromville Learning' app and the adult-targeted 'Recolor' app. For the extremely creative, 'Dazzle It' lets you apply pop art patterning to any photographed surface whereas the 'SnapShirt' turns your favorite photos into customized clothing staples.

These expressive art apps also include a line of photography applications. While 'Morpholio Frame' gives users an endless amount of filters to choose from, the 'Base' app turns the smartphone lens into an analogue camera.