This Initiative Aims to Add an Art Category to the App Store

 - Nov 16, 2015
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'+ArtApp' is a new campaign that aims to add an Art category to the App Store. As of right now, the majority of apps related to art, galleries or museums are slotted into the Education and Lifestyle categories. These artists want to make it easier to find art-related apps by creating an official Art category.

The new campaign is called '+ArtApp' and it was started by Paulina Bebecka, Seth Indigo Carnes and Serkan Ozkaya. The +ArtApp campaign involves a website and an online petition that advocates for adding an official Art category to the App Store. The creators of the project explains that an official designation in the App Store would make it easier to find art-related apps. In turn, increased exposure would help museums, galleries and individual artists promote their work.

The campaign brings awareness to the need to increase the visibility and accessibility of art-related apps.