From Eclectic Art Subscriptions to Romantic Paint Kits

 - May 2, 2016
These niche artist gifts range from eclectic art supply subscriptions to adult paint kits that are designed to boost chemistry among romantic couples. When examining popular art supplies, standouts include digitized stylus accessories, connected sketch pads and even sustainable paint sets that will appeal to creative and eco-conscious consumers.

When looking at niche artist workshops, notables range from cannabis-friendly painting classes to family-focused crafting workshops. While the first example is reflective of society's growing appreciation for experiential past-times -- from sensory fitness classes to active artist workshops -- the latter aims to foster stronger bonds between parents and their children.

These niche artist gifts also include tech-savvy examples like VR painting and meditative photo editing platforms along with augmented gallery apps that let users experience global art from the comforts of home.