The 'Toogood' Pouch Design Encourages Owners to Doodle their Own

 - Dec 28, 2015
References: fancy
A preference for customization and recyclability is driving consumers towards products that are more attune to their lifestyle choices, so the 'Toogood' Pouch Design is capable of providing a great experience at a low cost. Coming with three to a set, the 'Toogood' Pouch Design encourages owners to utilize permanent markers to create their own fabric design without having to search endlessly in the consumer goods market.

Crafted from a paper-like material that responds well to felt tip markers, the 'Toogood' Pouch Design can be discarded once it has been used up to help decrease the amount of resources used to create it. Ideal for kids and creatives, the pouches can be as loud or demure as preferred.