From Translating Travel Shirts to Mouthwash Capsules

 - Dec 24, 2016
Anyone looking for gift ideas for travelers this holiday season should be turning their attention to items that convenience the lives of their loved ones while they are traveling, or items that ensure their safety.

The brand 'Lush' is known for its natural cosmetic products and its solid mouthwash tabs would be ideal for travelers. The tab can be placed in the user's mouth and with a sip of water, it starts to fizz up and provide the same functions that mouthwash does. These mouthwash capsules would be ideal for backpackers and for people on camping trips.

The 'TRVLshirt' was designed to address the language barriers that people face when they are traveling. The customizable shirt features images and symbols that would be universally recognized, to communicate various messages about sleeping, shelter, where to find a phone, where to find food and much more. The shirts work to ensure the safety of travelers while they are abroad, and also come in the form of totes and backpacks.