The 'Arcido Bag' is Specifically Designed for Carry-On Luggage

 - Jul 15, 2016
References: kickstarter
With a wealth of features purpose-made for combating the high-stress environment of an airport, the 'Arcido Bag' flies high above an average tote or backpack. With top and side handles and quick-releasing tote and backpack straps, the Arcido Bag makes an otherwise cumbersome task easier for frequent travelers.

The product is more than just a morphing bag, however, as each and every feature it offers is specifically designed to make traveling more efficient. Inside, there are compartments for everything a traveler brings along, from small pockets for valuables to a laptop compartment to pouches for all types of clothing. Accessible through several different zippers, rifling through layers of items to satisfy a security agent is a thing of the past.

The Arcido Bag is also built with carry-on dimensions in mind, so consumers always know they can make it onto their flight without hassle. And, to avoid identity theft, the bag is RFID-shielded, meaning that technologically adept criminals won't be able to scan passports or credit cards hidden inside.

With consumers looking for bespoke items in every area of their lives, the Arcido Bag provides a personalized utility beyond that of other products.