From Avalanche Rescue Packs to Swanky Backpack Paniers

 - Nov 29, 2016
For people who are constantly on the move, with places to go and things to do, backpack gifts are a great holiday option. The right backpack can be a world-changing accessory, and thankfully there are plenty of options that are tailored towards all sort of different people.

Many backpacks are designed for adventurers: backpackers in the traditional sense of the word. The 'Igloo Daytripper Picnic Pack,' for example, carries a cooler to keep food and beverages fresh on long hikes. Other bags are just as utilitarian, but for less adventurous things -- like commuting. For instance, the 'Slim Pack' has a low profile and pockets specifically for common work accessories, making it ideal for one's daily trips to and from work.