This Ergonomic Backpack Offers Convenience and Comfort

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The ME-2 is a wonderfully ergonomic backpack that eschews the conventional shoulder strap-based design in favor of a structure that requires the backpack to wrap around the torso of the wearer,

This particular backpack features a carbon fiber frame that ensures the load stays lightweight, while hip and torso belts keep the backpack in place regardless of how tall or short you are.

The ME-2 ergonomic backpack is a great example of bold innovation in a product that many people might have assumed could only be changed so much. Backpacks and shoulder straps -- or straps of any kind -- are considered to go hand in hand, but the ME-2's torso design proves that backpack functionality can be retained in a better and more comfortable design.