From Reflective Office Shirts to Waterproof Performance Denim

 - May 29, 2017
In recent months, fashion for urban cyclists has greatly improved. As more and more people choose to cycle their morning commute, the need for high-performance, yet stylish clothing has increased.

Products such as Levis' app-connected 'Commuter' jacket meet the needs of those choosing an active yet professional lifestyle. A great deal of these innovations have been made possible by the changing work environment many are choosing. With the tech boom came a more liberal approach to office wear that allows for more casual dressing. No longer are urban commuters required to bike in their three-piece suits. This has opened up the design possibilities for brands and blurred the lines between office wear and high-performance activewear.

From collapsible helmets to air-purifying scarves, there is a new market for those looking for products that blend eco-friendly and urban lifestyles.