The DZR Shifts Fuse Cycling-Friendly Design With An Urban Artistic Flourish

 - May 31, 2016
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DZR continues to pioneer and advance the concept of the urban bike sneaker with its Shift collection, a trio of sick kicks that seamlessly fuse pedal-friendly design features with aesthetics rooted in ideals of vibrant urban expression.

These shoes feature an array of carefully crafted structural features designed to ensure a harmonious relationship between foot and pedal. When you start to pedal with them, the first thing you notice is the solid but not stifling grip. This is the result of a lowered mid-foot, a subtle intervention as far as external appearance is concerned, but one that makes you feel like the pedal is an extension of your leg rather than an external implement.

As you keep going, you'll notice that you're moving faster than normal. While this may be partially thanks to your hard hours in the gym doing ankle raises, it's more likely because of the stiffened mid-sole, which allows for more efficient and streamlined transfer of energy from calf muscle down to pedal.

Once your rack up your bike and get going, you'll notice that your shoes still maintain excellent grip, whether you're striding down a paved sidewalk or traipsing through a tile-floored shopping mall. Chalk that one down to the durable rubber outsole, designed to promise optimum grip on all surfaces.

What's most impressive about this suite of functional features is the fact that they're somehow contained within a sleek and stylish form factor. This then allows the shoes to act as a perfect canvas for the artistic visions of Ohio-based graphic artist Burrito Breath, San Francisco street artist D Young and Tokyo-born tattoo artist Wakako. Responsible for the interior design schemes of the Grey, Black and Red Shift shoes respectively, each of these artists lends their own unique sparkle to the shoes.

Cycling isn't just a way of getting around in the city; it's a lifestyle and a sub-culture. It takes a certain amount of spirit to get on your bike and rip down the streets, dodging road rage-fueled motorists and pedestrian zombies. It's challenging yet liberating, harrowing but incomparably satisfying. The DZR Shift bike sneakers are a tribute to people who embrace this spirit and see their bicycles and their feet as vehicles of expression, not just transportation.