From Chic Cycling Raincoats to Cycling Coffee Holders

 - Dec 23, 2016
Superficially, cycling might seem like a relatively narrow activity (after all, bicycles aren't particularly complex vehicles,) but there is an entire culture of cycling -- and tons of gifts for cycling as well. This holiday season, bicycle-specific gifts are a great option for consumers to give to the riders among their friends and family.

Cycling gifts cover a surprisingly wide swath. For instance, some cycling gifts are geared toward the culture of cycling, like 'Expedition' coffee produced by 'Casa Espresso' and 'Pilgrim Cycling Co.' Many gifts for cycling are safety oriented, like the turn signal indicators and lights embedded in clothing and cycling equipment. Further, gifts like the Michelin 'S-PHYRE' shoes or the 'Rapha Pro Team Flyweight' performance sunglasses are meant for the hardcore, competitive cyclists of the world.