LEDlensers' New XEO 19R Headlamp Emits 2000 Lumens

 - Nov 14, 2016
References: ledlenserusa & digitaltrends
Cycling at night in a city is inherently dangerous, but LEDlenser knows that mountain biking in the dark can be even more perilous. As such, LEDlenser's new XEO 19R headlamp is designed to blast a powerful cone of light, helping mountain bikers to safe during nighttime rides.

Since many mountain biking paths are out in the wilderness, riders don't have the added security of fill lighting that they get while riding in a city. Fortunately, LEDlenser's XEO 19R headlamp is powerful enough to make up for that deficit. The headlamp emits 2000 lumens, which makes it one of the most powerful outdoor lights available on the market. Designed specifically to fit over a mountain biking helmet, it will illuminate whatever area the cyclist looks at.