From Anti-Sleep Watches to IoT-Enabled Footwear

 - May 28, 2016
From augmented reality earbuds to IoT-connected footwear, the top May 2016 wearables cover a range of inspiring ideas from head to toe.

While wearable technology is most often associated with fitness tracking, there are now devices on the market to do everything from encouraging mental alertness to discouraging menstrual pain and stress. Beyond just being useful for personal improvement, some of the newest gadgets on the market include life-saving features that are able to sense oncoming allergic reactions and seizures.

In addition to taking the form of a simple wristband, wearable technology is also being introduced as rings, clothing pieces and footwear. Other forward-thinking examples include stickers for the skin and electronic sensors that can be applied in the same way as a temporary tattoo.