'Aibi' is a Wearable Device That Helps Children Monitor Their Allergies

 - Apr 14, 2016
References: madebychip
'Aibi' is a new device that is designed to help children with allergies keep a closer eye on their condition. When a child has an anaphylactic allergic reaction it is important that they receive treatment as soon as possible. This device detects the onset of an allergic reaction to ensure that caretakers are able to administer treatment in a timely manner.

Aibi is a wearable device decorated with customizable animal characters that makes it easy for kids to monitor their condition at all times. The device itself features light‑sensitive photodiodes, which measure histamine levels and track allergies. Not only does the device help children keep an eye on their condition, but it also features a medical alert system that warns caretakers to the onset of an allergic reaction at the earliest stage of anaphylaxis.

The device ultimately empowers children to take control of their condition by giving them a tool for keeping caretakers updated on their condition.