- Jul 14, 2016
Whether it is gluten, dairy or peanuts, these food allergen-avoiding devices are meant to help those with specific dietary restrictions protect themselves from severe allergic reactions. With a growing number of consumers battling food allergies, these tools and resources are more important than ever before.

For those who are looking for a high-tech solution to common food allergies, there are a number of discrete devices designed for detecting harmful ingredients. For instance, the Nima Sensor is a food-testing device that lets users know if the food they are about to eat is allergen-free. Similarly, the Allergy Amulet is a wearable device that can be inserted into dishes to detect for any life-threatening ingredients.

Of course, not all food allergen-avoiding devices are so complex. Instead of testing for allergens, consumers can simply alert others to their dietary restrictions with personalized food labels or allergy-specific emojis. For a more mobile solution, there are a variety of apps that allow consumers to alert others ahead of time about any food allergies they may have.

From Wearable Allergen-Detecting Devices to Emoji Food Labels: