These Bracelets Ensure That People Avoid Giving Children Allergens

 - Nov 16, 2016
References: allerguarder & allerguarder
The 'AllerGuarder' is a bracelet that is accompanied by an app and works to provide allergy protection for children.

For children who have life-threatening food allergies, it can be difficult to handle various situations due to their risk of coming in contact with the food items they are allergic to. This allergy protection device is able to send notifications to people who are interacting with the vulnerable children in order to remind them not to feed them certain foods. The app can be downloaded by the children's coaches, counselors, teachers, friends and extended families in order to ensure the safety of the child.

This protective bracelet and its accompanying app would be especially useful during the holiday season due to children's increased likelihood of coming into to contact with allergens at parties and events.