From Sleep-Inducing Wearables to Sleep Hormone Sprays

 - Apr 25, 2017
Once, sleep aids consisted of little more than one's liquor of choice and a concerted effort, but today sleep supplements make use of a far wider range of products and methodologies. Beyond various minerals and hormones, sleep aids have expanded to include technology surrounding sleep; there's something for every type of sleeper.

In terms of supplements themselves, there are all sorts of products available. Olly's Restful Sleep dietary supplements contain melatonin and l-theanine as well as botanicals to help insomniacs get to bed naturally, and Onnit has even created a melatonin spray that should get people drowsy simply by being spritzed about a room.

Technology companies have gotten extra creative when it comes to finding sleep solutions. The Somnox Pillow, for example, has a mechanical interior that gently expands and contracts to mimic calm breathing, encouraging the person sleeping with it to do the same.