The iHome Zen Offers Meditative Audio for the Home

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: ihomeaudio
The iHome Zen is a sound app that offers customized meditative audio designed exclusively for the home, to help induce slumber of all those reside in a singular space. The app provides access to natural noises, calming music and customizable tracks to help consumers fall asleep naturally to the rhythmic notes. The app is an ideal alternative to using media -- such as television shows, movies or smartphone games -- to unwind.

With sleep being such an important aspect to a healthy lifestyle, utilizing meditation can be a great way consumers enter a relaxing state to trigger a restful slumber. The iHome Zen can be used individually or played out loud with a smart hub. Relaxing noises recorded directly from nature or soft classical music can be pre-set to play to help calm the body for bed.