- Aug 25, 2017
These gamified health innovations range from interactive brain health apps to mixed reality workout bikes. While examples like VirZOOM transform a stationary workout with the help of virtual reality gaming, others like Sweatcoin let users earn digital cash for steps taken daily.

When it comes to medical innovations, top examples of gamified health include senior-focused fitness trackers that make staying fit fun -- while monitoring everything from sleep cycles, to heart rate -- along with brain-training wearables that aim to reduce stress and anxiety with an accompanied app that users can follow.

BRAINNO is a notable example, which incorporates wireless headphones with a mobile platform. The earpieces work to measure brain and heart activity simultaneously, and alert users when patterns related to stress are detected.

Making the process of staying healthy more interactive, these products, and mobile platforms give users more incentive to live a more fulfilling life.

From Mixed Reality Workout Bikes to Interactive Brain Health Apps: