KaleKam is a Mobile Game and Social Media Platform for Healthy Eating

 - Jan 3, 2017
References: kalekam
KaleKam is a new app that combines the sociability of Instagram and Snapchat with gamification in order to get people to eat healthier. Rather than the rigid numbers of calorie-counting apps, KaleKam uses artificial intelligence to recognize foods based on pictures and assess their health benefits.

Though the connection between image-based social media and dieting may seem distant at first, KaleKam actually harnesses common consumer habits. Though many people have trouble keeping up with the logging system that comes with most dieting apps, they are happy to take pictures of their meals and post those on social media platforms. By developing AI that can assess food through its image alone, KaleKam lets people share pictures of their food in the same way they normally do, only with a healthy diet in mind at the same time.