From Realistic Workout Ads to Branded Nutrition Apps

 - Jun 16, 2016
These examples of motivational fitness marketing range from workplace nutrition programs to weightloss campaigns that center around realism rather than promoting something unachievable and too restrictive. In addition to commercials that encourage hard work and dedication as a means to weight loss success, other favorites include carb and calorie counting apps that are launched by household names in the food and beverage industry. A notable example is Atkins' carb counter app that falls in line with the late doctor's philosophy while translating his various diet manuals to a mobile medium that is more accessible for all.

Additional examples of motivational fitness marketing include honest body image videos like a segment by Buzzfeed that suggests that being open about food, weight and insecurities is the key to looking and feeling one's best while embracing the body you were born with. Similarly, a series of female-focused fitness ads like Sport England's 'This Girl Can' campaign offer support to athletes who are often underestimated in a male-dominated industry.