The Nike Unleash Your Animal Campaign is Fiercely Motivating

 - Feb 1, 2016
References: adeevee
When you put on a sportswear outfit, you also immediately adopt a different state of mind -- one that is ready for pretty much anything. That's exactly the sentiment that the Nike Unleash Your Animal ad campaign is embracing. It depicts two different people as they are zipping up a hoodie. In place of their actual human exterior are the depiction of a bear and lion.

Conceived and executed by Lapizdebits, an ad agency based in Bogotá, Colombia, the Nike Unleash Your Animal ad campaign was headed by creative director Artiom Gelvez Kostenko, who also did the illustrations, with copy by Iana Goroba and Susana Gelvez Acosta. Dark and fierce, people will feel motivated to get out there with everything they have plus some. That's exactly the aura Nike presents on a daily basis.