From Rebellious Skater Lookbooks to Fearless Foodie Ads

 - Jan 28, 2017
Though advertising and marketing continue to gain ground in the digital space, the 2016 print trends show that old-school media is still thriving. Whether printed ads, lookbooks, or even interactive installations, marketing through physical means has provided value for many different businesses.

The perennial print media denizen is the fashion industry. Something about the gloss and tactility of magazines suits fashion well, and there are scores of lookbooks to prove it. Some of the most inventive from the 2016 print trends include the 'Jack by BB Dakota' 'Summer Daze' lookbook and Dolce & Gabbana's bold spring eyewear collection.

2016 also saw countless print ads that got consumers to view products in a new light. Fiat's violently cute cartoon ad encouraged consumers to look at their cars as rugged rather than chic, and the subtly sensual print ad for the Euro Cup 2016 preached a tongue-in-cheek message of peace.

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