'The White Disease' Uses Albino Models to Challenge Beauty Standards

 - Mar 28, 2016
References: theones2watch
The fashion and beauty industries have become more inclusive than ever before, now extending their reach to albino models.

It is no secret that mass media, fashion, and beauty catered to a very narrow demographic until recent years. With the progression of different social movements, these industries became more and more inclusive by challenging notions of normative beauty. From people of color to differently abled individuals, we are coming closer to a reality where fashion imitates actual every day life. A more recent development in this endeavor is the inclusion of albino models in high fashion campaigns. Albinism remains seldom discussed in the public realm, but with the proliferation of models like Leo Jonah, Shaun Ross, and Diandra Forrest, it is starting to enter popular discourse.

Albino model, Leo Jonah, recently shot a breathtaking campaign with André Liang in which he sported popular clothing labels. The editorial titled 'The White Disease' goes to show how albino models can help broaden the reach of the fashion industry. By resonating more with the general public, as opposed to a narrowly defined slice of society, the fashion industry stands to do much more good.