- Jan 29, 2017
To get a better understanding of how fashion and more is evolving beyond these 2016 menswear trends, check out our Trend Reports.

During Paris Fashion Week, designer Julien David unveiled a futuristic punk series, with models walking the runway in overtly minimalist ensembles and donning metallic spiked hair. For the 'Vision' campaign, rapper A$AP Rocky joined with Superism to donate to organizations that benefit underprivileged youth. To raise money for the campaign, they designed colorful limited-edition t-shirts, which were sold online.

Also featured in these 2016 menswear trends is ANGUS CHIANG's Spring/Summer collection. With an unconventional vision in mind, the contemporary label adorned its models in boldly patterned pieces. What stood out the most however was its use of accessories, with massive rubber gloves, lengthy transparent boots, chef's hats, bowl-shaped earrings and oversized utility belts all sported on the runway.

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