Acne Studios' 'Emoji' Line is Inspired by the Internet Symbols

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: acnestudios & thenextweb
Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios is merging haute couture and low-brow culture with its new Emoji line. The sweaters, shoes and hats in the series feature pop images like bananas, donuts, microphones and smiling poops, as well as other emoji-inspired designs.

Though the designs might seem ostensibly gauche for luxury apparel, the craftsmanship on the emoji insignia is actually quite impressive. The banana, for example, is stitched with fine thread and consists of several layers and varied golden hues, giving it a textured and supple feel that far outmatches a plastic iron-on logo.

Acne Studios' Emoji line of menswear shows that, for young Internet dwellers immersed in the digital space, supposedly low culture icons like emojis are simply part of the communicative space, like language. And if language isn't part of haute couture, then haute couture has problems of its own.