From Menswear Subscription Boxes to Bespoke Business Cards

 - Dec 23, 2016
These gifts for boyfriends range from menswear subscription boxes to bespoke business cards like Lyon and Lyon's gold-dipped and opulent promotional tools. When looking at gifts that appeal to foodies and fans of fine spirits, standouts include pocket-sized cocktail kits and beer-inspired whisky blends along with handpainted luxury chocolates like those offered by Chocolates x Brandon Olsen in Toronto, Canada.

When looking at gift ideas for coffee buffs or young professionals who prefer traditional writing tools rather than a high tech option, notable examples include rustic and fidget-friendly pen products along with hybrid notebooks that allow for handwritten notes along with digital reminders.

Additional gifts for boyfriends include bespoke luxury sedans and shoe deliveries along with book and snack subscriptions that offer customization while adhering to budgetary restraints.