The Lamborghini EsaVox by iXoost Car Speaker Pumps Pure Audio Bliss

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: lamborghinistore & damngeeky
Those who own a Lamborghini and are looking to extend their love for their car into their home or those who want to own a touch of the car brand will appreciate the Lamborghini EsaVox by iXoost car speaker.

Crafted from original parts as well as carbon fiber that was salvaged from a Lamborghini Aventador, the Lamborghini EsaVox by iXoost speaker delivers exceptional sound experiences.

Coming with a price tag of $24,000, the Lamborghini EsaVox by iXoost looks like a true piece of the supercar has been dissected and transformed into a boombox. The system looks and operates like the car itself and will provide rich listening experiences thanks to the car speaker's 600-watt and 200-watt amplifier within the car exhaust design.