From Wine-Soaked Spa Experiences to Opulent Dog Hotels

 - Jan 28, 2017
No matter the incredible advancements in technology that normalize previously unimaginable experiences and products, the 2016 ultra luxury trends make it more than evident that people will find a way to make anything richer. That's because the 2016 ultra luxury trends aren't about practical improvements; rather, they're about baroque adornments that sell a lifestyle of opulence and enhance the cultural capital of brands -- as insights in our innovation conference make clear.

One of the keys to generating an ultra luxury allure is artisan craftsmanship. The majority of products that people consume, even the high-end ones, were created primarily in factors along an assembly line. Thus, while Donald Judd's minimalist furniture might not be fundamentally different from other pieces, the fact that the artist hand-crafted each furnishing adds to their luxurious appeal.

As throughout all of history, a shortcut to luxury is to add some gold. The 'Caviar Supremo Trump Changeover iPhone 7' design is just a phone case, but since it's made from gold, it's luxurious ipso facto.