The Alvarado is a Modern Explorer Yacht with Luxury Appointments

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: tuvie
The worldwide demand for luxury products is increasing, which the Alvarado explorer yacht looks to help make a little bit more grand.

Designed to help adventure explorers go further than ever without losing sight of luxury, the conceptual Alvarado yacht features the technology capabilities of today rather than what could be possible. As such, the yacht design is capable of being created into a real vessel that's ready for the seas in the next few years.

The Alvarado explorer yacht is the design work of Antonino Muto, Alberto Franchi, Marco Ferrari, Marco Camotti and Tommaso Fortuna. The interior cabin space of the vessel, although luxurious, is minimal to help push a focus onto the outside world being explored so passengers don't get too caught up.