From Designer Fashion Furniture to Festive Lavish Lipstick Lines

 - Jan 28, 2017
Everything from diamond-encrusted baby bottles to high-end casual wear is featured within these 2016 luxury trends. The formerly mentioned products have been especially pronounced in the Middle East, where new parents are investing in flashy feeding gear to proclaim their wealth.

In addition to the diamond-encrusted and gold baby bottles, specialized brands are offering pacifiers as well, as a more affordable but equally statement-worthy alternative. On the other end of the spectrum, there's lavish retirement homes for those with a taste for the upscale. An example of this includes the properties promoted by Audley, a beautiful village for seniors that looks like it's built for royalty.

Also featured in these 2016 luxury trends is Pininfarina's E-Voluzione, a beautiful electronic bike that's modeled after a Ferrari. Besides having a stunningly sleek look, the bike boasts an aerodynamic build that makes it faster and more comfortable to ride. For those looking to go deeper, Trend Hunter's Future Festival is the perfect event to find out more about how brands appeal to a love of excess that many consumers have.