These Beautiful Cakes Are Inspired By Fairy Tales and Pop Culture

 - Jun 15, 2016
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These opulent cakes are so intricate and luxurious-looking that it is difficult to imagine ruining their appearance by eating them.

Designed by Moscow-based Tortik Annushka, these opulent cakes come in a variety of different designs and themes that are each as unique and luxurious as the next. Inspired by everything from fairy tales to pop culture movies such as Star Wars, these cakes are bought for weddings and large events. Most beautiful is the baker's signature cake decoration that features layered sliced pears that have been dyed bold colors. Other beautiful patterns include intricate 3D flower detailing, multi-colored patterns and cake sections that appear as if they are made from metal.

These extravagant cakes put most others to shame with their beautiful feminine detailing.