- Aug 30, 2017
These gelatinous desserts range from flavorful jelly cubes to raindrop-resembling cakes that take traditional jello to new heights. In addition to Brooklyn's SMORGASBURG festival's Japanese Raindrop Take -- a transparent and Instagram-friendly treat which consists of mineral water -- other notables include unconventionally flavored gummies.

Whether featuring a sparkling wine or cocktail-inspired flavor profile, artisan gummy candies are taking over the market and are replacing familiar fruit flavors. Additionally, gelatinous dessert examples like Rosé cheesecakes, and gummy cookie fillings give classic sweets a fun twist while fully transforming their texture.

Other standouts include The Dessert Kitchen's "ice cream ramen" dish which consists of gelatinous noodles that are crafted from algae-based kanten. This unique treat is then mixed sauce and fresh fruit, featuring flavors like grape, green tea and brown sugar among others.

From Water-Based Japanese Cakes to Jelly Dessert Cubes: