- Jan 30, 2017
The top 2016 DIY trends range from simple to complex, and so most consumers will be able to find something they can take interest in and build or create themselves. One of the more prominent themes in this area in 2016 are DIYs that are simple yet luxurious in their design. Trend Hunter's 2017 Trend Report is available for free and explores other distinct and creative trends.

One example is the coaster design that Laura Kaesshaefer came up with. The coasters are extremely simple to make, as they only require being cut out of leather sheets and then decorated as the user chooses. The simple concept offers a functional item in the home that people of all ages can create.

Another example of simple yet luxurious trends taking over DIY exists in the luxury notebooks created by Teri Muncey. The sophisticated end result comes in the form of books that look like they are made from marble and have copper spines, but are in reality extremely cost-efficient and easy to replicate.

From Luxurious Leather Coasters to DIY Sophisticated Notebooks: