This Convincing ET Costume Was Custom-Knitted in Just Four Days

 - Oct 10, 2016
References: crochetverse & likecool
This incredible E.T. Costume is evidence of a community of DIY masters that is only expanding its talent as others outsource handmade items. Their skills begin to look alien to the rest of us.

In this example, Stephanie Pokorny has created a convincing knitted likeness of the 80s Extra Terrestrial film icon––completing the project with crochet hooks over a mere weekend. What's more, the expert craftswoman behind Crochetverse did so without a specific plan––with no patterns at all. She describes the process of making her son's Halloween costume as a very organic one: trying it on him as she crocheted and simply putting her tools as soon as it fit him.

The ET Costume was perfectly finished with long dangling arms, a little round belly and an overhanging hood with googly eyes and snout for a nose.